Group of stone cutting factories

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Thank you for choosing us. Leading stone cutting factories group in Iran Zamin stone industry, which is in the field of production and distribution of quality natural stone products, is eagerly ready to serve and provide better products and create a bright future in healthy competition to retain customers and promote new services. We are in our business. Aral Stone with a group of managers, employees and workers together is ready to better serve you dear customer. We figure in a world full of hope with competitive quality and prices. Be with us, dear friend. We look forward to hearing from you to build good business relationships for the benefit of all and to work together for mutual benefit. Sincerely, Aral Stone Management. Masjid 09103001007

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Stone cutting group is the largest factory producing stone types (marble, marble, travertine, maya and & hellip;) in Isfahan province with a variety of color combinations, having a high thermal density (tolerance of high cold and high heat) without deformation, sound and thermal insulation and insulation Refractory up to 1400 degrees


Compatibility in all climates (from coldest to hottest and wettest), resistant to acid rain, resistant to sandstorms and scorching sun and sun, resistant to desert temperature shocks and sudden night temperature changes And day

Leading in the construction industry

Stone Cutting Factories Group is the largest factory for producing all kinds of stones (marble, marble, travertine, Maya, & hellip;), inventor and inventor of building stone production method for building facades, implementation of more than one million successful and sustainable projects throughout Iran and the world, sample manufacturer and craftsman Top Exporter
Group of stone cutting factories

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Group of stone cutting factories

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Chinese stone?
    Crystals or porcelain stones (in Iran, of course) are limestone or dolomitic rocks that have recrystallized due to internal factors, such as temperature and pressure, and are therefore part of metamorphic rocks. Porcelain stones in different places They differ in the amount of metamorphism and some chemical compounds.
  • What is marble?
    And non-marble may form the widest range in terms of ingredients. In this type of stone, which is completely known by the market ...
  • What is Maya Stone?
    Maya white porcelain stone is one of the most famous white marble crystal stones in the world, which is also called THASSOS porcelain in the market. This stone imported from Greece is often imported in blocks and processed in the form of slabs and large slates.

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Group of stone cutting factories